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Residential Garden

The Process

Here we give customers a thorough understanding of how the creation process works. From the beginning of consultation to tank/ pond design to maintenance. Aquascaping is a work of art and like anything precious this takes time. We promise the end result will be astonishing and most likely become the most cherished thing you possess in your home, yard, or office!

Siamese Fighting Fish
Man Using a Tablet



During this first step we will figure out the size of tank/pond that will be created for you during our scheduled consultation. All necessary equipment  including a  tank stand (If necessary), electrical outlets,  the general idea of design for said project, and budget finalization. Once completed, we will send an invoice where half is paid before scheduling the scape day. Scape day is always scheduled 7-14 business days out from initial payment, depending on the amount of equipment/fish needed to complete the project.

*Consultation payment is included towards the final cost of your tank or pond.



Our team gets their creative juices flowing in this step of the process to create the best-looking aquascaped tank/pond possible. During this portion of the process, any necessary extra items or equipment that we may need to create the best visual for your tank/pond within the budget of your choice are currently en route.  This is is where the team begins the assembly of your tank/pond.

Little Fish



Congratulations, after your much-appreciated patience, our aquascapers are scheduled and at the doorstep of your home or business. They've been scrupulously doing their homework and are ready to present the combination of  your ideas and our creation. Please remember to be accommodating as unexpected things happen, and during the process adjustments may be made. We have a fairly high approval rating with our clients, so this is not anything to be worried about.  We will only change or modify our designs after your approval.  After we scape the tank/ pond, we will allow the tank to run for 2 weeks before adding fish to build the proper bacteria for the health of your tank.  


Fish Drop Off/ Maintenance

Here we are to finally deliver and drop off your fish. This is also when we make sure that the aquatic plants are growing and the functionality of your tank/ pond is at its best. From here, we set up your maintenance where we recommend, at a minimum, scheduled twice a month for our personnel to clean and check the water parameters and health of your pond/ tank.

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