Why we do consultations?

QScapes takes our consultations seriously.  We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best quality aquascaped tanks possible. In order to do this, consultations are used to create the best solution for your aquascaped tank in your home or office. We consider your area of choice, the size of the tank and stand, the best background, electrical setup, best plants and fish to compliment your space.  While we are with you we answer all of your questions (including those about electricity or water usage) and arrange for the perfect time to come and set up your tank.  Aquascaping is still a very new art form and each bespoke tank is made with the care it deserves. Why settle for a plastic-filled tank that leaves fish unhappy, leading to more costs because they pass away.  Do your home or office a favor and place a serene meditative piece of nature that'll leave visitors memorized and amazed.