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Do you only service PA residents?🤔

We do have a $2.25 mileage charge for traveling 40 miles outside of our Pittsburgh, PA> Johnstown, PA area.

Florida is the same rates for our services traveling out of West Palm Beach.

Does every tank require Qscapes to do maintenance?

With every tank/pond we build within 40 miles of Pittsburgh, PA.>Johnstown, PA area, we do require a monthly maintenance fee along with the tank, in order to keep your tank or pond beautiful and to keep our reputation going. The maintenance will tank no longer than 30 minutes bi-weekly. (The initial maintenance charge is free.)

Do you only create freshwater tanks?

Yes, we only do freshwater tanks because even though they are beautiful in their own right, the ability to be creative is limited due to the needs of saltwater sea life. Also to be noted many companies and contractors rip people off with the expense of having a saltwater tank. The fish are amazing yet, you can only decorate them with coral and plastic. Not to mention they leave you with the task of maintenance which can not only be costly but when you don't know what you are doing it will also affect the health of your fish. We're here to give you true nature unfiltered!😁